The Lack Of Leadership


The Historian Herodotus mentions it in his book. The world thereafter tries in vain to decipher the mystery behind it.

This is perhaps the most bewildering enigma from our historical past.

Around 50,000 soldiers of King Cambysis in 525 B.C marching through Egypt's western desert are lost forever in the sands.

Unbelievable ..

Just Vanished 

Even after numerous archaeological expeditions since 2500 years we still could not locate the remains & the puzzle behind it.

This incident can be viewed differently apart from the historical & archaeological riddle.

The Persians were the biggest empire in the world & they could have done anything with their might.

The Lack Of Leadership 

But something was lacking ….the leadership & foresight on that particular day.

It was a historical blunder to send so many troops through the inhospitable desert just to punish an oracle.

The leadership never thought about their greatest enemy.. the desert & its storms probably.

Generally it is a common tale in leadership. When leaders are at their peak they think they can do no wrong.

But our colossal mistakes may well occur after our biggest triumph.

It is at the peak that great leadership shows more maturity, sagacity & caution.

They show greater foresight than ever before.

That’s awesome leadership.

Convincing ?