The Leadership And The Crisis

Like father is obviously not the son

Pompey is a colossal figure in Roman history. He was a fine General and a leading statesman of the Roman politics of his time in the 1st century B.C. The rivalry between Pompey & Julius Caesar is legendary. 

Pompey's father was a general himself but with a very bad reputation. Once his father massed his troops and camped outside the city to attack his rival. Pompey also accompanied him. But due to his haughty attitude, administrative inabilities and confused policies, the troops declared mutiny. They wanted to kill Pompey's father and defect to the rival camp.

Morning shows the dawn 

Pompey, then only 19 years old, immediately took control of the situation. He went to the main entrance and delivered his famous speech and said "over my dead body if you will". His speech was powerful & ultimately convinced his troops to return back. The troops withdraw the mutiny. The troops got the leadership they wanted. This is perhaps the most rare examples of two types of leadership exhibited at a single place...A failed leadership & a successful leadership. 

Crisis makes or unmakes the leadership
A big crisis unmakes a leader. The same crisis makes a leader out of an ordinary soul. It is the leadership that matters in any crisis. Pompey is often called the " Roman Alexander" because of being a leader during the crisis. 

In any organization if a leader excels during the crisis then it surely is a sign of good and mature leadership. if not then the reverse is equally true for that leadership. 

The real test of leadership is crisis. 

What do you say ?