The Leadership Attributes And Kardashev Scale

The Kardashev Scale 

The Scientist Kardashev categorized human civilization into 3 Types based on their capacity to use & harness energy. 

According to Kardashev Scale we are in Type 0 where we have not utilized fully the energy resources of earth. 

The Type I is when humans use star energy. Type II is when they use total galaxy energy. We are almost entering Type I. 

The Alternative Idea 

But the moot question is at what stage of civilisation are we in terms of human dignity, Rights, Privileges, wealth distribution, disease control, employability, peace & security etc etc. 

Are we at the same stage as in  Kardashev Scale or less than that or beyond that ?

From history we know that the rate of increase in human equity & prosperity never corresponds to the rate in increase in wealth generation capacity of any civilization. 

The Kardashev Scale talks about energy use which means economic activities which means wealth generation. 

Can we say with certainty that as we increase in Kardashev Scale we would increase correspondingly in human prosperity?

The Kardashev Scale & the Need For Human Prosperity Scale

The Kardashev Scale  concept can benefit humanity specially the disadvantaged & poor only if "Leadership" uses it for advancement of "Humanity Prosperity Scale (HPS)". 

The leadership must ensure complete balance & harmony between Kardashev Scale & the Humanity Prosperity Scale. 

Otherwise it's just like any rites de passage. 

Do you agree ?