The Middle Road In Life Leadership

The Philosophical Message 

"The civilized man is distinguished from the uncivilised mainly by prudence or by forethought. He is willing to endure present pains for the sake of future pleasures, even if the future pleasures are rather distant".

This assertion by the Philosopher Bertrand Russel has interesting lessons in leadership.

How far can we compromise our present to construct our future ?
How much can we let go our present to wait for our unseen future ?

Our Life is A big Data 

Our life is a Big Data but it is not always prudent to do Big Data Analytics with our life.

We can visualise various predictive models of our life but can it turn out to be real ?

Unlike the inanimate world the living world is infinitely flactuating web of interconnected relations & possibilities. A stone and a tree may not be related so as to affect any future.

But alone one human has possibilities to effect the future directly or indirectly of many in the world.

To prepare fanatically for future with utmost contempt for the present is a failure in personal leadership.

One Pandemic has taught us that there is no real safeguards for future. You can create your own tower of babels. but you cannot guarantee yourself to enjoy the top view.

The Middle Path is the best road to your destinations.

Enjoy your Present.