The One Leadership Lesson We Must Never Forget

Past is a Treasure of Learning 

Much has been written about the Greco-Persian wars of the ancient times. Much still needs to be learnt from it.  

The 2nd Greco-Persian War occured around 480 BC. Xerxes, the Persian king marched with such a huge force that the Greeks never anticipated it. If we believe Herodotus, then Greeks were in for a big defeat.  

Future is Not Always Linear

But most of the time events do not unfold in a simple linear way as expected & that too wars. The Greek sides consisting of the Athenians & the Spartans, though numerically less, did not allow Xerxes to make any inroads. Xerxes was getting frustrated though having the largest & the best forces of that time.  

Xerxes left his forces in the battle to his commanders & returned to his capital. The Greeks defeated Xerxes forces at Plataea & Mycale & he lost the 2nd Greco-Persian war.  

The Resourceful Leadership 

leadership is not always about the availability of Resources. Most of the time it is about the way & how we utilize it. Sometimes it is also about the purpose for which we utilize it. 

Best of the leadership are known by the way they utilize the vast resources. It is an art that needs acumen, planning & delegation skills of the highest intellectual order. 

xerxes was defeated for the lack of leadership skills in commanding such a huge army. Sometimes bigger resources are even bigger problems. Whether we require such huge resources for a particular project is also a game changing decision. 

The Lesson 

We all have vast resources in our mind. But the one who uses it in correct proportions at the correct occasion knows the science of leadership

Do you agree ?