The One Leadership Quality That Can Make You Successful

Passion Leads To Wisdom 

Many say that passion for the domain leads to farsightedness in that field. Obviuosly it leads to leadership in that domain too. An outstanding example of anticipatory leadership comes to my mind from the field of Archaelogy. In the late 1840's one French archaelogist Victor Place was excavating Assyrian sites in Iraq. A great number of Assyrian historical antiquities were discovered which were priceless.

The Anticipatory Leadership

Everyone wanted the antiquities to be shipped immediately to Paris for further studies. But Victor wanted that the drawings, sketches & copies of every antiquity had to be done before shipping it. This obviously meant more delay in shipping it to Paris. Many objected and criticised his plans but Victor was adamant on following his protocol of business. 

Victor requisitioned an artist who drew the sketches, drawings & made copies of all the artificats as per the protocol. It took many days & delayed the shipping. Many were angry with Victor for this unusual delay & criticized him.  

Finally the antiquities were shipped back to Paris. On the way two ships sank & along with it were destroyed rare Assyrian antiquities forever.  

But everything was not lost forever to the world. The drawings, sketches & copies remained with Victor Place which served as the most vital source of study of Assyrian civilization. 
Be True To Your Own Beliefs 

Imagine the loss to History if Victor would not have insisted on the drawings & sketches. Think if he would have succumbed to pressure & thus violated his own farsightedness.  

Always be true to your belief even if many criticise you because you know the worth of your own belief.  

Further it a lesson in management that the leadership which can anticipate events & plan accordingly is generally successful.  

I think many would agree