The One Mistake We Should Not Make In Incoming Thought Leadership

If I tell you about the Machines

If we create something we expect it to do work better than us. If not then why would be create such things in the first place itself. 

The purpose to machines was to do some specialised jobs better than the humans. 

Specialisation is what Machines are expected to do. From the first moment itself the machines knows nothing about anything except its specialised roles. 

Machines are routine, repetitive, confined & monotonous. They are insipid, soulless, unoriginal & seems lifeless. 

It is Colourless World 

Howsoever beautiful & fantastic the machines look initially but if we keep on observing it regularly it loses all its charms. it has nothing to offer except what it has been specialised to do so.

When anything becomes precisely predictive it behaves like the machines & is colourless in interactions. 

Do not let your children become machines 

This is precisely what specialisation in education in young children can do. It has potential to make your children machines. 

Children's education has to be broad based. They must be given glances of all the knowledge stimulus existing. Children’s education should be generalised in perspective & specialised in nothing. 

In future humans will lose the battle of specialisation with God like machines (AI). The only place they would win is in the field of “ Imagination”. 

Imagination is Everything

Imagination can only occur in children if they are allowed to see the universe with generalised colours of all the subjects & not only the specialised ones. 

If not then Thought Leadership will be rare in humans & they would seem & act like the machines. 

Let your children be the jack of all trades & master of nothing. 

Why is there such a hurry to create civilisation of coders.

Why make your children wear the old-hat.

Am I right on this ?