The One Problem You Must Defeat In Your Leadership Development

The Binary Mind 

Our human mind is trained to view things mostly in the binary perspective. We generally interpret things as Black & White, Right & Wrong, True & False, Good & Bad, Yes & No etc.
We do not allow the world of uncertainty to exist even in our consciousness. We want Certainty to be our guiding light always. 
But our existence is not Binary nor is the ecosystem surrounding it. We exist in the mixture of Certainty & Unpredictability. 

Dont Duple it 

Thus the desire to see & interpret things in the simple “Duple” phenomena is a false start. 

Our insecurity & the haste in understanding any phenomena must not dissolve the possibility of the existence of an area of darkness. Just because we do not have answers to certain things doesn't mean we do not understand it. 

An Area of Darkness is sometimes more illuminating than the percieved halo around it. 
Not having an answer is also an answer sometimes. To be ignorant rather than be disdainfully rigid is a proper way forward at certain times. 

Leadership of the Mind 

To prevent the minds from descending into the abyss of Binary & Duple Phenomena (BDP) is what leadership must try, practice & preach. 
The Binary & Duple Phenomena (BDP) is the stepping stone to failure in the leadership of the minds. 
The one who controls the BDP will control the Thought Leadership.
Do you agree?