The One Quality That Will Make Or Wreck Your Success Plans

The Huge Debate 
There was a huge debate regarding Quantum Physcis (QP) in the 1920's. The scientific world was split into two camp. 

One favoured Neil Bohr's Idea on QP. The other was with Einstein refuting Bohr's idea. 

Every confrence, meeting, journals etc ultimately became a showdown between the two camps. 

Einsten, Podolsky & Rosen (EPR) wrote the most scatching critique of Bohr's idea of QP & challenged him to respond to it. 

This One Quality will make or wreck your success plans

The Response 

Bohr responded to the EPR paper. The whole Physics world read both the EPR & its response. It was the most widely read literature of that time. 

But something went wrong in both the papers. 

Einstein lamented that the Physics world did not understand what he asked in the EPR
He wanted to raise certain questions but the world did not understand the queries he raised in their paper.  

Bohr admitted that he could not communicate fully in writing what he wanted to say. Bohr said he understood what he wanted to say but could not fully spell out in his written response. 
The world did not understood what he actually wanted to say.  

The Great Miscommunication 

It was a classic case of "Communication" gone wrong in the "Leadership of Ideas" from both the sides. 

The whole physics world understood what they wanted to understand & not what was intended to understand. 

A chaos in the most precise field was created and it lasted for long.  

The One Quality that will make or wreck your success plans

Great Ideas need even greater Communication Skills. 

Sometimes great ideas wither away because it is not communicated well. Lesser ideas prosper as it is communicated effectively. 

Communication is like the blood in the " Leadership of Ideas". If it flows well the idea is alive. If it does not, it withers away.  

It is communication that makes the Ideas  dead or alive. 

Communication is the biggest friend or the enemy of Leadership.  

Do you Agree ?