The One Skill That Lets You Succeed In The Leadership Of Ideas

The Uniformity in Digital World 

The European Union(EU) wants to create a common charger for all the phones. It wants complete uniformity in electronic accessories.
The EU wants to reduce the electronic waste due to diversity in the phone chargers.

The similar efforts in 2009 failed due to interoperability between devices.

But in Technology the uniformity ultimately gets achieved for the ease of doing business.

Diversity is Humanity 

But imagine creating similar controlled uniformity in human thoughts, ideas, ideology, perceptions etc in our existence.

It would be a Herculean disaster in the leadership of Ideas.

What looks as absolute necessity when we deal with Natural Sciences looks totally unscientific when we interact with the Social Sciences.

We as the people must know that there are worlds existing within the world. There are mini universes being born & breathing within the same universe.

Let me tell you the greatest Thumb Rule of human existence.

“Uniformity is a blessing when we deal with the inanimate world but is a curse when we interact with the living world”.

Be Diverse. Be Human

A common charger may make your life easier but a common point of view may make your existence dull & regressive.

Do not debase ourselves. Humans are not like the electronic chargers. We are the Diversity Chargers.

Be diverse. Be human

Any thoughts ?