The One Thing You Must Do To Remain Relevant And Successful

But Why ? 
Some of the Boeing 747 planes still use the 3.5 inch floppy disc to upload the softwares related to navigation, way routes, airport details etc. Every month the SW is loaded via the floppy disc by engineers otherwise the flight won't be in operations.


The Comfort Zone 
The possible reasons for not transitioning from the floppy disc era to the latest methods are not far to seek. The hardware mechanics of the plane are so rigidly built that it does not allow the upgrade. The other reason could be that since it is serving its intended purpose there is no need to upgrade it.  

The later reason seems quite possible as it is nearer to our human thinking behaviour. 

Is Necessity Necessary For Change ? 

Most of the time we also do not update, upgrade & change ourselves simply because we feel that there is no necessity for it. Everything is going fine & we feel blessed to be cocooned maintaining the status quo in our own comfort zones.  

But what we do not realise is that we are slowly fossilizing our mind & intellect. We are converting the most dynamic organ of our body into change resistant showpieces.  

When the time for change would come the same mind would rebel against our own choices. It would be too stiff & crippled to move as fast as we want. 

We Change To Remain Alive 
Sometimes such a change resistant mindset has to pay a heavy price for its inactions. Isn’t it ironic that Boeing’s two planes crashed last year due to SW malfunctions. 

At times some changes may not be necessary for us though the world may be changing around us. But we must realize that not all changes are done for benefits. 

Sometimes we change to remain alive & relevant. Otherwise we lose the leadership of Ideas. 

Is it not correct ?