The One Thing You Must Not Do To Your Mind

The Inter-Disciplinary & Cross Sectoral Knowledge Approach 

The study of the history of knowledge reveals an interesting fact. It is the Inter-Disciplinary & Cross Sectoral Knowledge that propelled the advancement in human progressA mere glance at the history of knowledge reveals that great stalwarts did not belong to any particular field of study. 

All the Greek thinkers were not domain experts but had inter disciplinary knowledge across mathematics, astronomy , medicine , philosophy etc. 

They did not confine their intellect to a particular field of knowledge though they may have given more attention to a particular area. 

The one thing you must not do to your mind

History of Knowledge  is testimony to this fact. The same interdisciplinary approach is seen in the ancient Indian knowledge system. 

The Arabic-Persian-Turkish knowledge world continued with the Greek system of Cross sectoral knowledge. 

The modern world is obsessed with hardcore domain knowledge. But those who continued with the Inter-Disciplinary & Cross Sectoral Knowledge in the form of hobbies were the greatest thinkers & innovators of our times. 

The National Education Policy 2020 of India tries to harmonise Inter-Disciplinary & Cross Sectoral Knowledge approach with the Domain knowledge system. This is a good step in the development of knowledge ecosystem.  

Let the Mind be Free 

Leadership of Ideas & Thought Leadership demands independence of intellect free from the confines of any particular domain. The mind must soar high & touch all corners of knowledge unhindered. 

Inter-Disciplinary & Cross Sectoral Knowledge connects our expertise with the much broader vision without any limits. 

Let us redefine and reshape the knowledge system for the human progress. 

Can we do it ?