The One Thing You Wanted To Know About The Wisdom Leadership

Do Not Sow in Parts  
If you sow in parts you reap in parts. The harvest of the mind is always in doubt. This is the clarion call of the Wise. 

At the elevated conciousness level, knowledge is a unified concept. Astronomy cannot not be separated from Mathematics, Mathematics from Philosophy, Philosophy from Medicine & so on. 
All things are unified if seen from the perspective of Wisdom rather than mere Knowledge. 

         picture credit : jean van der muellen from pexels 

Leadership is Wisdom 
A wise man is supposed to be the unifier of the knowledge. A solution provider.

The subject of leadership belongs more to the category of the Wisdom than to the Knowledge.

Wise leadership does not see problems only from the operational, technical, financial, resource, capacity etc perspective. 

 picture credit : Poranimm Athithawatthee from pexels 

The Wisdom Deficit 
They often visualize it at the Macro Level & try to find the “Wisdom Deficit” that led to the problem.

Wisdom to them is more than the proverbial Aesop fables aspects.

Leadership Wisdom is the art of perceiving Matter & Phenomena from the unified perspective rather than the compartmentalised attitude.

Never see things in isolation 
Wise Leadership understands that problems never exist in isolation & nor do the solutions. Both are interlinked & interdependent as the Matter & Phenomena.

The whole effort is to find that “Wisdom Deficit” & fix it.

Simple ?