The PHL Way To Understand Leadership

The PHL Way 

I belief that by using tenets of Philosophy, History & Literature(PHL) we can produce better Leadership. PHL also helps in understanding Leadership in much more humane ways. Every leadership propagates certain philosophical intentions in their actions. Their actions have certain historical connotations. When we understand that undertone we can relate it to corresponding relevant literary emotions. The idea is that we should focus more on PHL techniques to dissect leadership than mere Mathematical & Statistical tools. 

Let's Understood Leadership from Human Perspective 

Leadership is a system of actions & behaviors where the Originator is human & the Receiver too is human. Also the fallout of leadership are human related mostly. Thus sense requires that leadership must be understood more from Humanities (PHL) rather than from Natural science eyes. Natural science is rigid & demands absolute results. But leadership is not absolute science. There are many areas of subjectivity,confusion etc

The PHL Method 

The PHL Method understands the hidden underlying theme of leadership & limitations which natural science cannot. All human actions, emotions, thoughts etc cannot be presented in numbers & graphs. PHL understands leadership in all its forms
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