The Physicality May Be An Illusion

Do Not Judge Quickly 

Till you have not read the book you cannot judge the book. Mere Titles & Covers are mostly deceptive. 

But we do the same mistakes of judging humans hurriedly without analysing them. 

With regard to the humans our minds are somehow biased towards accepting the physicality as the real.

The dress, language, sophistication, accents, mannerisms and even knowledge are all good but is it enough to know a person ?

Just because someone is good in physicality does not mean that they would be having emphathy, kindness, compassion & would possess leadership qualities.

The reverse is also true.

The Physicality is Illussion 

The Physicality is no measure of leadership skills nor of any human qualities.

Even words and pronouncements do not matter much in judging the person.

What matters is the track records of the actions of that individual & that too for a prolonged period of time.

If the sum total of their actions are pointing towards leadership and humane qualities then chances are high it will be so. There is less chance of wrongful result compared to utilizing the physicality as the sole parameter.

The Moral of The Story 

The moral of the story is that never judge persons by their physicality but always by their actions.

This is one leadership quality we must not ever forget.