The Proven Leadership Way Of Solving Problems

The Immediate Response 

When we encounter any problem our immediate response is to swing into corrective actions. But most of the time we do so without investigating the cause of the problem. If you don't know the genesis of the problem then you probably don't know the solution to the problem

Sometimes Problems may not be Problems at all 

Sometimes what appears as a Problem may not be a problem at all. we may be missing the larger picture & the hidden perspective. Most of the time the results of such unstudied actions may be counterproductive & costly too

The Proven Leadership Way of Solving Problems 

That's what proven leadership doesn't do while searching for the solutions. They first analyse the problems professionally from every possible angle. Then they swing into action. Their Actions also have certain well laid out plans at least in their mind. Such Rational Actions have more chances of success. That's the leadership way to solve problems

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