The Rage And The Moral Leadership

No One Size Fit All 

Buzzwords if not understood properly may become cliches.
There is no concept of one-size-fits-all in the domain of leadership.

We often hear in leadership discourses that we must be cool & calm in all the situations. This is a general prescription offered to everyone by everybody.

But this advice is not the end of history.

Rage is Not That Bad 

Being calm & cool does not mean that we must not rage within. When great wrongs occur then in leadership roles we must rage, rage against the dying of the light as immortalised by Dylon Thomas.

The ability to diffrentiate between good & evil, right & wrong, just & unjust etc is the most fundamental quality of leadership.

It is the conscience of leadership & if it is violated then it is natural for good leadership to rage within.

The Implicit Meaning 

The implicit meaning is that we should rage within but not show the rage & fire outside more often or else it shows imbalance in leadership.

But sometimes that too is needed on rare occassions.

When to choose that juncture is purely the genius of that leadership. But also not to show such glimpses on appropriate moments signifies failure in leadership.

Merely seeking solace in actions born out of cliches & buzzwords is not leadership.

The originality in #leadership is all about being conscientious.