The Refrees Of Life And Leadership

The Refree of Life 

It is they who decide our actions and inactions.

Almost everyone of us gets overwhelmed by them.

We surrender our independence to them without even realising it.

They are the person, thing & the circumstances.

We call them the “Referees of Life”.

The Sovereignity 

The art of great leadership demands that one should maintain complete & total sovereignty upon themselves.

No one else should influence and decide their next course of actions.

The person, thing and situation can only interact with them as far as they allow these factors to interact.

Such leadership can only get influenced as much as they wants to get influenced.

They acts only when they are willing to act.

It is they who controls the “Referees of Life” and not otherwise.

This is sovereignty in leadership.

Why Many Fail 

Most of us fail in our leadership endeavors because we become subservient to the Referees of Life.

We barter our sovereignty to the referees for some momentary & illusory gains.

But what do we get in return?

More control on us by the Referees of Life.

All #successful leadership play the match of life but do not get owned by the referees of life.

They know the art of the great disconnect.

That is why such #leadership generally succeed and prosper.