The Rules Of Reading You Must Read For Success

The Existential Need 

The greatest joy that one can give to their mind is by way of reading.  Reading is the existential energy for the mind. If we stop reading we start decaying mentally and we age even before the physical ageing starts. 

The secrets and magic of the world can be better revealed through reading and can possibly open up our hidden abilities to intellectually summarise the meanings of life. 

To those who read, they understand the therapeutic effect of reading on the senses and to those who do not read they are missing out on the most tasteful things of our  existence. 

The Road To Progress

It is seen that those who read regularly are also progressing regularly. There is no doubt about it. You do not need a second opinion about it.  You just google search for any successful icons you admire and you would definitely find a special place for reading books in their life. 

Over the period of time I have framed my own rules of reading which I normally try to adhere to. These five 5 Principles or the Rules can enhance your capabilities to grasp the knowledge from the books more efficiently.  

This self created principle may give you a broader base to follow your reading pilgrimage. You can feel the effect of it over a period of time when you have finally settled your principles into the action. 

The Heart And The Hand Principle 

The first principle  of reading is that you should read whatever pleases you. But there are many people who advocate that you read whatever you can lay your hand on. Both these versions of the first principle advocate reading and that is what is important for us. 

In reality from the very beginning, I followed the latter part of the rule more often than the first part of the principles. The reason for this is quite simple. To get the book to read that pleases you sometimes requires it's availability in the library and most of the time  it necessitates money to buy it. More often than not I used to fail on these two counts. 

Nevertheless there was no dearth of reading materials. There were enough books, newspapers and magazines around to keep you busy if you really wanted to read. 

During my school days the grocery shops used to pack their items in paper bags made out of books,  newspapers and magazines. That was also one of the great ways to read and at times one used to lay their hands on some of the most interesting knowledge ever. I happen to know for the first time about Einstein from such chance encounters only. 

The Mind Is A Nomad Principle 

It is good to know your domain and become an expert on it through reading. But it is always great to supplement your domain expertise through intellectual prowess  of the " Rest of the Knowledge" Area. 

It is generally seen that domain experts consider the " Rest of the knowledge” as something that has no bearing on their intellectual prowess. They feel that they are not losing out on anything by shutting their minds to the "Rest of the Knowledge".  But let me tell you that they are losing out on their leadership skills and  leadership abilities. 

They may prove to be outstanding domain experts but not fascinating  Thought Leaders. They may be at top positions but still not be the leaders.  Expertise is but one half of your leadership quality. The other half is your " Rest of the Knowledge ". 

So I advocate reading 50 percent of domain related books and 50 percent outside your domain area or the "Rest of the knowledge”.  This Outside domain area can be anything as clearly spelt out in the “The Heart And Hand Principle”. To those who do not have any domain area then the whole 100 % can be followed according to the  “The Heart And Hand Principle” .

The best way is to allow your minds to roam freely without any confines of any boundaries and limits. In terms of reading your mind should be a Nomad ever fearful of staying too long at any particular destination.  Your minds must wander to get lost in the infinite world of reading.  This is the state of pure bliss of reading. 

The No Repetition Principle 

I advocate as a general rule not reading more than 2 to 3 books of the same author. It limits your mind and does not allow it to expand limitlessly. However great the author is, we must not read  beyond 2 to 3 books from him or her catalogue. But if someone has more time and an exceptional interest  he or she can break this general rule. But I must advocate it as an exception only. 

If we go on reading the same author again and again we are stuck up in the whirlpool like the T.V serials or the webseries. Our reading purpose is to expand our imaginations and not to limit it within the frame of a particular thought process only. That is why I insist on the “No  Repetition Principle”. 

“There Is Never A Good Time To Read” Principle  

With the exceptional power of smartphones in our hands it is basically the treasure of the library we are carrying with us. We do not need to physically export books from one location to another and the books can also be delivered home so easily nowadays. The availability of books is there but there is no availability of time. This is what is the general lament. 

Most of us say that we will find spare time on holidays or off days to read. This is the greatest mistake we are committing in our reading journey. There is no good time to read. Read whenever you get the chance even if it is for  a few minutes and for a few sentences. Never think that you will read at peace. Peace comes whenever you read. 

If time is short, read it short. If time is long, read for long. But do not make reading a planned business. This is where most of us fail. Just like eating , sleeping and other necessities of life are not generally planned activities, reading must be so. Reading should just happen somehow if you make it a part of your life. 

The Eyes & The Ear Principle 

With the advent of technology there are many ways in which you can know and understand books.  Some people advocate audiobooks as a form of reading process. This process of understanding the book is a fantastic technique but let me be honest on this aspect.  There is a hell lot of a difference between  reading the book and knowing it through audiobooks.  

Reading the book is a holistic process though it may be the most basic and the traditional process.  This is what I advocate if you have the luxury of time,  interest and affordability. The reading of books with your own eyes has an entirely different universe to understanding the book through the ears. 

Let us imagine any beautiful scenery of nature. Those who have seen the beautiful scenery with their own eyes will have completely different feelings to those who have just heard about it with their ears. This is to me the ultimate difference between reading the book and hearing the book. 


Even if all the five 5 principles are not followed in strict adherence it hardly matters. The basic idea is to inspire you all to start reading and begin your own intellectual journey. What I have advocated are my principles which are  effective in your intellectual and professional growth. It will ensure success in your professional endeavours. 

What I have enunciated are just basic guidelines for your reading journey so that it is  smooth and confusion free. It is an advisory for you to achieve the full capacity of your reading benefits. 

Happy Reading ...