The Simple Law Of Greatness In Leadership

Greatness is not Alone 

Great civilizations have given birth to great cities & towns. Great concepts give rise to many big concepts. The concept of Astronomy, Gravity, Relativity, Quantum Physics etc gave many other big concepts. The field of Calculus matured out of the concept of Astronomy. The idea is to impress that out of one single great entity emerges many big & important entities. This is the sign of Greatness of that entity

The Law of Greatness 

Similarly, out of one great man’s influence, you will always see many exceptional talents emerging. Philosophy, History & Literature (PHL) is testimony to this “Law of Greatness (LOG)”. From Socrates emerged Plato & from him the great Aristotle.

Great Leadership are like the Fountains 

The same LOG also applies in the field of Leadership. A Great Leader is the one who nurtures & influences many other big leaders. This leadership allows others to grow. That leader is like the fountain from which streams of water must emerge to make it look beautiful to the beholder. The greatness of that Leadership must not remain confined to itself only. If it is so then it probably lacks greatness. It is more a momentary leadership rather than historical.

Great Leadership are Like the Civilizations 

Great leadership must behave like the great civilizations out of which many big & small civilizations grows