The Simple Message Of Thought Leadership

Time is Everything 

The importance of time no one can refute. "Time Management" is an academic discourse in all the leading management books. 

Perhaps this is the only asset that depreciates continuosly without any change. We also know the rate at which the "time" depreciates and how it goes away never to show even its shadow again. 

Time is the only progressve equation that progressess lineraly and never looks backward. Time never forms a cycle and it moves like a single straight line which has no end.

Infinity, time & death are all linked together in the mystic mathemetical equation called life.

The Poet Message on Time Management 

Omar Khayyam talks about the importance of the present & living in the moment. It means that time can only be controlled by making our moments or the present beautiful & happy.

That can be our only link to the future. Do not despair too much for things you can't control.

Control the things that you can control and control it well.

This is one simple aspect of  Thought Leadership. 

Is it not ?