The Moon & the Water 

Some news does catch your eyes. Just yesterday it was announced by the scientific community that they have discovered water molecules on the moon. 

Though it is a great piece of discovery but not very surprising after all. This fact was waiting to be discovered for we have been trying to find traces of water on the moon for decades. It was just a matter of when. 

Light is Civilization 

Water is actually the synonym of life for humanity. Where there is water there is life & there evolves civilization. 

But to me the most surprising aspect of the discovery was something else. It was the particular region on the moon on which the water traces were discovered that fascinated me.

The water traces were discovered on the sunlit portion of the moon. This has a huge metaphorical significance if we can think beyond the obvious. 

Thought Leadership is showing Light in Darkness. 

Anything that is lit has life just like the sunlit portion of the moon. So is our mind that is lit with the light of knowledge, wisdom, Imaginations, compassion, empathy, kindness, justice etc. 

That is the mind that has the vision for humanity. That is the mind that thinks about the Leadership of Ideas. 

The lit mind & it’s consciousness removes darkness from the fate of humanity. Those are the minds that are the torchbearers of humanity. 

Those are the the real “ Thought Leadership” of their times. 

Is it not ?