The Songs Of Love Not Understood

Why Be So Theoritical 

The subject matter of poverty, inequality & welfare are such humanitarian issues that it is lived, seen, felt, understood & even socially measured & compared.

But the discipline to study these subjects are so theoretical, abstract, academic & statistically overwhelming that it is almost impossible to understand it.

Sometimes it even demands a high level of academic sophistication & Mathematical acumen to decipher the contents.

The Lost Human Touch 

The studies which were actually meant for the poor & the common man to understand & debate has become so unfathomable that it has lost its human character.

It is a matter of great concern that a humanitarian discourse has been made into a lifeless science.

The literature which talks about poverty & inequality must be compulsorily understood by its most important stakeholder - it's victims.

The matter of the common man is lost somewhere between the patrons, scholars & researchers in the abyss of academics.

The Songs of Love Not Understood 

The songs of love not understood by the beloved are of no use however sweetened it may be.

The scholars must write for the common man & not for their esoteric obsessions.

The academic world needs fresh & new Thought Leadership to tell the facts in the most simplest of manners with the human feelings.