The Stages Of History Of Leadership

The Stages of History of Leadership

The history of History is intrinsically the History of human Leadership(L)  in Epochs. To protect from vagaries of nature, wild animals, resource scarcity etc, Leadership evolved among the groups. Need for migrations further solidified the Leadership concept. The hunting & gathering society progressed to the next due to Leadership. The Agricultural societies needed Leadership to establish peace & order. The main duty was to protect the way of life of the groups by rules, codes, institutions etc. 

Leadership gets formalized 

The concept of Leadership started becoming formalized. The feudal age made the Leadership conquer lands to establish the monopoly of their groups. It needed resources like taxes, precious metals, agriculture etc to sustain the appetite of an evolving state. The Industrial Age demanded the Leadership to create markets for the goods. That’s the reason Colonialism & Imperialism started in the disguise of trade & business.

The Age of Business Corporate Leadership

Here Leadership is getting integrated with business. The Present Age Leadership is different from the earlier ones. The writ of state is not absolute. The power is distributed between economic corporations & democratic institutions. That's why we now see new terms like Business Leadership, Policy Leadership etc. The defining aspect of this era Leadership is how they handle the relationship of humans & incoming AI machines. 

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