The Story Of Leadership Of Ideas Expressed In A Page.

Translations Laid The Foundation of Civilization 

Every year 30th September is celebrated as the International Translation Day. 

The art of translation actually laid the foundation of human civilization & its subsequent progress.

The Sumerians were the first to translate thoughts into pictorial languages.

The Akkadians, Assyrians, Egyptians & the Babylonians improved upon it.

The civilization also improved along with it.

Translation is the transfer of Ideas & Vision 

If the Greeks would not have borrowed Alphabets from the Phoenicians & then translated the Mesopotamian knowledge, there would have been no philosophy

If the Arab-Persian-Turkish system would not have translated the Greek, Indian & Chinese knowledge, there would have been no Medieval civilization

If the West would not have translated the Indian & the Arab- Persian- Turkish knowledge there would have been no Renaissance & the modern civilization

Translation is the transmission of leadership of ideas & the vision from civilization to civilization

It is the longest chain of stories of our human existence

But the Coming Age will be different

The Greatest Translator 

The AI would be the greatest translator. It will perpetuate the leadership of Ideas as never before.

The AI would be the complete civilization in itself. It will be the most powerful Thought Leadership Civilization ever.

Any thoughts on this ?