The Thought Leadership

The Thought Leadership & the Quantum Jump 

Human civilization progresses by their abilities to think forward & backward & to correlate it with their present. But there is a limit to which these backward & forward extensions in thinking can be conceived. 

There is always a veil of ignorance beyond which everything seems dark. 

If humans have to jump from one stage to another stage of civilization progress then our ability to think both backward & forward has to also take a quantum jump. 

This simply means that we have to create Thought Leadership(TL). Such civilization jumps occur only when TL creates Quantum Jumps in ideas & actions. 

We jumped from Wheel stage to Engine stage by creating leadership of the minds.

The Thought Leadership & the Quantum Jump

The Leadership of the Minds & the Great Jump 

The challenge is to create such minds & leaderships. Though Scientific & Technological (S&T) minds will be in abundance but the Social & Cultural (S&C) minds would lag in the “GREAT JUMP” of civilization. 

The Thought Leadership must ensure that there is no unmanageable gap between S&T and the S&C progress. Otherwise the progress will be asymmetrical. It would be a lopsided progress against the weakest of the society. 

The Reforms of the Minds 

That is why leadership of the future is so important & full of responsibilities. The Thought Leadership  must create & inspire the millions of the leadership of the minds.

Educational Reforms are one way to inspire the minds. 

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