The Thought Leadership

How Thought Leadership Makes The Difference

The Egyptian, Assyrian & Babylonian civilizations were almost contemporaneous at some point of time in history. All three were glorious chapters in human progress. But there is a stark differences between the Egyptian & the other two civilizations. 

The legacies, memories & the visible representations of Egyptian civilization has survived till now. We can see the pyramids, mummies, tombs, texts etc etc . But the other two have almost faded away in history.

It took lots of efforts to trace out & join the dots of Assyrian & Babylonian Civilization. But for the Egyptian it was available in all its splendor & glory from the first day.  

Why was it so ? 

The Egyptians built their entire civilization with rocks, stones, indestructible materials while the Assyrians & Babylonians entirely with the clay. Same material was available to both. But it was the matter of choice.

One Civilization thought about the long time legacy while the other two were obsessed with contextual mindset. 

The Leadership Model of the Future 

This also happens with leadership. Some leaders think like the Egyptian civilization. They build their vision, policies, actions etc with indestructible ideologies. That ideology survives the test of time & space. Those leadership still gives hope to many. 

But there are leadership models which are contextual & myopic. They look at the present only and not the future. This leadership model does not create everlasting effects. 

Leadership must build visions which stand the vagaries of time & provide perpetual display of splendid hope to the humanity. 

Its all about the " Thought Leadership" 

I hope you agree to the views expressed ?