The Tough Times

The Covid Times 

This is a time when many we know may have lost their job, losing their business & economically impacted one way or the other. These are Covid times. This is the hour not to be oblivious of our neighbors, friends,colleagues etc. We must connect & ask about their status. In this moment human touch is required more than ever. 

We may not be able to solve all of their problems. We too may be fighting our own battle. But the very essence of talking, conversing & connecting reduces the pain. We never know sometimes the door of opportunities also open up. 

Our Leadership is Under The Test 
I feel this is the era where human leadership of each one of us is under test. Every one of us can provide leadership within our own matrix of relationship. Such compounding of leadership can have tremendous mitigating effects. Human capacity is limitless. This can be fought if the leadership standards of each one of us are exponentially increased. 

Leadership must give their best

Let not this epoch in time shame us tomorrow. Let the future generations know that we all were in together and we showed our leadership. 

Apni dharti se apni har samt khud talaashe//
Hamari khaatir koi sitara nahi chalega

From our world find out our own ways //
For us humans no stars are going to guide us