The Two Most Important Qualities Of Leadership

What does leadership mean to you ? 

Most of us understand leadership as the one who accomplishes goals,  succeed in the endeavors undertaken,  ushers in changes,  has power of influence over many etc etc

But we hardly discuss the hidden meaning of leadership 

But there is a less discussed aspect of leadership which I feel is the top most quality of any great leadership. It is the ability of incorporating compassion and empathy in their leadership style. These 2 qualities may not be recorded every time as it is not measurable & quantifiable. But the ideology, vision, style, behavioral aspects & ground actions do make it clear whether they have those qualities or not. we can get lots of successful leaders but to have leaders who are both successful & full of empathy & compassion is a rare occurrence

Our wrong belief about leadership 

We believe erroneously that by showing empathy & compassion we may be losing the discipline, professionalism & power of influence. But the contrary is actually true. In future combination of Artificial Intelligence AI & ML will do what traditional leaders are doing today. They may even do better. But what we will lack is empathy, compassion and sensitivity. 

Humanity needs such leadership in every sphere of life. Leadership goals are not mere material objects. But the biggest agenda is moral, ethical & humanitarian

What do you believe in on the matter of Leadership. Think about it.