The Unique Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Franz Kafka

The Enigmatic Kafka 
Franz Kafka was one the leading literary figure of the 20th century. His writing is a blend of realism, pessimism and has a degree of mystery over the conclusion aspects of his stories. His style inspired the word "Kafkaesque" in the literary world. Kafka in his "Will" asked his friend to destroy all his unfinished & unpublished writings after his death. His friend was the executor of Kafka's Will. 

But his friend did not honor Kafka's Will. He published all his unfinished & unpublished works after his death. This included some of his great works including the Novel "The Missing Person". This Novel is also called sometimes as "Amerika". He wanted the world to read the Genius

The Leadership Lesson For us 
Sometime the leaders also gets involved in such predicament like Kafka's friend. Whether to go for Ethics & Morality or to choose Mass Benefits & Utilitarianism? Leadership confronts such situations & frankly there is no ready made answers to it. It all depends upon situation, discretion, ideology, mass expectations etc. The true worth of leadership is known in such situations of dilemma & history remembers it forever

Successful Leaders choose Wisely 
So whenever we are at leadership position in any capacity, we must choose wisely. Our choice may affects millions & for generations to come. That is why Leadership values and decision making can be inculcated by way of training. A trained leadership has less chances of making blunders compared to an untrained one