The Zero Sum Game Model

The Hunter & Prey Mindset

Our way of looking at success & failure is primordial. We are still trapped in the Hunter and the Prey Mindset ( HPM). We visualize success as a prey that has to be hunted down through strategy & tactics . But this model is uni dimensional and severely individualistic in processes & effects. 

Zero Sum Game Model 

Success & Failure has two dimensions. One is the somewhat Zero Sum Game Model (ZSGM) and the other is something like the Exponential Growth Model ( EGM). In ZSGM if someone has to win then someone has to lose. This is the individualistic personal development model. This model is purely the HPM scenario. We are more obsessed with this model
The Exponential Growth Model. 
The EGM is the mass benefit model. It is a collective enterprise. In this the success is exponential and belongs to all. If vaccines & medicines for Covid19 are successfully discovered it will be the EGM of success.

There is nothing wrong with the ZSGM per se. But there is immense benefit to humanity with the EGM. It is the solution to many common problems of humanity. We must realign our Success & Failure perspectives more to the EGM. 

Leadership & EGM

Great leaders are those who have more quotient of EGM than ZSGM. They redefine success by way of EGM & motivate all to do so. 

What is your opinion on this matter.