There Is Nothing Always Rational About Success

There is Nothing Rational About Success 

Not every hard work leads to success nor every perceived laziness leads to failure. The same sun gives life to countless and also destroys life of many.

There is nothing rational or logical about success beyond a point. It exists when it is not supposed to exist but is nowhere found when it is almost sure to be found.

To some the same destination is no success while some others are giving away their life to reach it.

Success is Not Science 

If success was a science then everyone would have been successful. We all would be following some proven procedures to attain it. Some algorithms would be there. Some Apps would have been created.

But this is not the case. Why ?

Because success is not the natural physical scientific phenomena but the psycho-sociological process. You will not find it in some formulas but may exists in your social & personal life.

Some May Work Also 

Having said this it does not mean that there are no guidelines to success. There are many but all are experiential. Some may work some may not.

It is advisable to define & create your own successs.

To me the 11th Commandmant of Success is that

"Thou shall not ape blindly the definition of other's successs".