Thinking Capital And The Role Of Leadership

Obsessing over the order of the mind 
Man's desire to regulate itself into order is exceptional. The sub-actions of religion, culture, traditions, rules, laws etc are ways of regulating humans into an orderly & regulated entity. 

For humans the concept of freedom has always been the directed, ordered & monitored freedom. 

This is the cardinal difference between the human & the animal world. 

Even our Aesop's fable stories fantasize about the managed & controlled animal world. 

The Controlling Societies & Leadership 
In the earliest recorded history we find ample traces of regulations. It was more managed than what we have today. But still the theme remains the same though essence may have changed. 

Those societies which regulated less the mind has prospered more. Those who obsessed over absolute control lost progress on the way. 

Mind is a Nomad 

Mind by its basic characteristic is a nomad. It is created to wander & lose itself in the process. 

Those who never got lost in the woods never saw the forest. 

Those who think out of the order would succeed in the leadership of the minds.

Linear Thinking is passe. Indefinite is the way. Cross Sector Thinking is the future

Leadership & Thinking Capital 

Leadership of the mind must break barriers to create "Thinking Capital" for the society

Future belongs to those who have more Thinking Capital. 

If you have any other view it would be a chance to increase my knowledge.