This Is The First Pre Requisite For Your Success Journey

It's All About The Passion 
More than knowledge  it is Passion that eventually determines glory. Many have Knowledge but do they have enough Passion to script the triumph. The Assyrian king Ashur-Banipal (650 BC) was not a historian nor was he a literary genius. His forte was state craft & warfare. But he had immense Passion  for History  and Literature 
He transcribed all the Literary of the olden days & recorded all the History of the past on clay tablets. He developed huge library & kept all of his books in it. Thousands of such books survived. It was only due to him that we know more about the Mesopotamian Civilization

Imagine if he would not have shown such leadership beyond his domain knowledge & continued to do his regular statecraft works. We would have lost almost 4000 years of our history. 
There were many Great and powerful Kings before him who had more resources than him. But no one did what he did. 

Why ?
The only reason could be Passion. 
It is not imperative that leadership must come out of your domain Knowledge alone. Most of the time it comes from beyond your field of Expertise & without even Resources

Look for that area of passion beyond your regular bread & butter
The Pot of Honey may be lying there

Leadership is all about how passionate you are for that thing
Develop that Passion in yourself