This One Quality Can Help You Survive Crisis

The Eternal Search for the Ultimate Oracle 
The oracle looked at the heavy warm smokes coming out from the boiling water bowl. Then it made bizarre eye movements, muttered incomprehensible words & predicted the future. 
Such oracles of Delphi abound in our world in some form or the other.  
The only thing lacking in them is the definiteness & conclusiveness.  

The AI Will Be  The Greatest Oracle 
Our eternal search for the oracle has not ended but actually progressed to an unimaginable degree. 

The AI would be the greatest oracle of our times.  

It will have the proven accuracy, exactness & finality in its predictions. 

The AI Will Be The Best Leader 
It will also predict whether a person has leadership abilities or not. 

It will recommend the person with the best of the leadership qualities for the job. 

With further accuracy in predictability AI may even take the role of the leadership. 

AI may be the next CEO whom we may all work for.  

The Thought Leadership will Survive 
In the age of incoming AI the role of “Operational Leadership” may mostly wither away. 

What would survive will be the “Thought Leadership” who will have the imagination, Creativity & Innovation to offer. 

They would write, guide & monitor the AI in operational leadership. 

Perhaps AI may lack only in Wisdom in comparision to the Thought Leadership.

Coming age is a battle between Thought Leadership Vs Soothsayer Leadership.

Such age of leadership is not very far away

What do you say ?