This Quality Is Not Compulsory In Leadership

Not Compulsory 

It is desirable but not compulsory. You may not be the best of the experts or the most innovative of them all.

It doesn't matter at all.

What matters is that you should have certain qualities in ample quantities.

You must have more resilience to accept bad news with cool minds than good news with sheer joy.

You have to listen & listen patiently. You shall talk but talk with clarity & purpose.

You should group but group smart, intelligent & enthusiastic people for the purpose.

You need to think, visualize, imagine, strategize, communicate, coordinate & plan.

Solve The Problems 

Even more than that you ought to solve problems & have the natural ability to take challenges & lead it.

And the most important of them all.

You must behave with equity, justice, compassion, empathy & as a natural human being.

Expertise & professionalism can be outsourced but not the human qualities.

The leadership must possess it.

The Big Factor 

There must be humaness in decisions you take as a leader wherever required.

The problem is that we desire & admire inanimate qualities more in leadership than human constitutions.

We ought to realise that #leadership concept is far beyond productivity, efficiency & precision.

It is more about philosophy, sociology & psychology than only technology.

Think about it.