To Guide Yourself Is The First Leadership

Our Conception of Success may be Outdated 

The way we look at success is outdated. We are searching for it through tactics, strategy and concepts in proportions which is not even required. 

We pass through so many little milestones of happiness even without realizing it each day & night. For the obsession of the so called big eventful & glorious success we are blind to the success which are intertwined with our lifestyles. 

Not all dreams require you to sleep 

Not all dreams require you to sleep to visualize it. Not every time a sun lit day is essential to feel the brightness of the light. Sometimes the night is brighter than the days with the stars. 

We need to understand that everything is in motion. Even the galaxy & the cosmos. Nothing is fixed & permanent. All creations are designed to be in a journey. So are we. 

Nothing shines permanently, not even the brightest of the stars. It too will collapse, burn & fade away into the Black Hole one day. 

The journey of life is far more important 

The star knows it is in the journey & that is more important. But should the star cease to burn bright just because it knows its end ? Should we refuse to live happily just because our glamorous success has not arrived?

We may try for success & reach for sky but never we must shun & trivialize our journey. The journey of life is far important than imagined destination. 

Be the true leader to yourself. Guide the journey of your own life. 

What are your views ?