True Leadership Never Suffer From The Grandeur Of Leadership Illusions (GLI)

History is Graveyard of Hubris 

History is the graveyard of Hubris. Herein lies scattered Emperors, Kings, Lords, Dictators, Leaders etc who thought the universe belonged to them. But all are now at the mercy of our memories.

Alexander and Darius Episode 

When Alexander ascended the throne at the age of 20, Darius the rival Persian king taunted him. Darius sent him a gift of a polo stick & a ball to signify that Alexander was just a kid. Within 2 years Alexander conquered Persia and erased Darius & his empire from the annals of history. Hubris never prospers for long. Even Alexander met the fate of history as he developed hubris.

Grandeur of Leadership Illusions (GLI)

Never Ever ail from the 5 "Grandeur of Leadership Illusions” (GLI)

  1. Never suffer from the illusion that you are the best thing to happen to your world
  2. Never underestimate anyone even your weakest competitors
  3. Never brag about your past history as the future history is yet to be written
  4. Never fly too high on a succession of victories. A single defeat is enough to end all
  5. Never have the delusion that you are creating History. You may suddenly become history

It is essential to remember our mortal credentials. We need to detoxify ourselves from the GLI Complex. Progressive leadership keep themselves mentally healthy & never ever suffer from GLI.