We Are All Leaders Of Our Everyday Life

What is Everyday Leadership ?

The leadership today I am talking about is not the one which makes the individual practitioners of it Great, Rich & Famous. Nor am I talking about the Political Heroes. I am also not speaking about that leadership which makes it’s organisation more wealthy & established worldwide. The leadership I am concerned about is the Everyday Common Routine Leadership more particularly from the privileged among us. The leadership that accepts, views & treats everyone with acceptable level of dignity. The Leadership that understands the pain & sufferings of the less privileged among the population. That leadership whose sense & heart vows to do something for them. That man & his leadership who gives away whatever is possible from his earnings to others in help

Empathy is the Key

The one who believes that their status, earnings & privileges are also due to the hidden contributions of the unprivileged & the silenced. The leaders among us whose leadership has empathy,sympathy, kindness & love more in deeds than in propaganda. 

The "Throne of Leadership" belongs to all of us 

The throne of leadership that I am talking about is not placed in some Palaces, Assemblies,Boardrooms, Classrooms, socialmedia etc. But it sits right on the left side of the chest of each one of us. It lies in our heart .Each one of us show that leadership