We Must Be Leading Technology And Not Otherwise

The New Age 

What happens when Private becomes Public.

Your responsibility increases.

The phone was created as a private communication device that shared information. Later it transformed into a device of Governance & Business.

When entertainment became Business the phone was the first to be monopolised. It became an end in itself for communication, governance, business & entertainment.

But the greatest leap was yet to happen.

The Ideological Change 

The phone changed its existential ideological position.

The private Phone went public & Social.
The social media was born out of it.

Thus the phone brought the age of convergence.
It acted like the black hole.

Everything was consumed by the phone.
It became the panacea for everything.

The Great Change 

This changed its worth, character & power forever.
The slave became the Master to rule in chaos.

The greatest illusion of today is that we own the phone.
Nothing can be farther from the truth.

We have lost personal leadership over the phone than any other technology.

We are allocating more time for human- phone interactions than human-human interactions
This is creating psychological issues within our own selves & outside of it.

If you want peace, re-establish your personal #leadership & self dominance over the phone.