We Must Recreate Ourselves Often To Stay Relevant

The Humbling Experience 

Reading cosmology & space is a humbling experience. we realize that we are nothing in the scheme of things. In fact the concept of big or small ceases to exist in cosmology. our's is a measurable world. space is not.

When you realize that the universe is a temporary phenomena, you suddenly turn philosophical. Then you further realize that another Universe may be created upon the destroyed one. This gives a feeling that nothing is created forever. In effect immortality of creation is false consciousness.

Everyday Is A New Creation

Everyday is a new creation. Everyday is a new learning. Every chapter is a new beginning. Every Discovery is a falsification of the earlier discoveries. Nothing is constant and nothing is truthful. Everything is in flux. So is our life.

Which means we have to re-create ourselves everyday. We have to destroy the old redundant ideas. We have to defeat status quoism. We have to absorb the cosmos within ourselves. We have to die to live. We have to resurrect. The famous urdu poet Iqbal has this to say ..

Sukoon Muhal Hai Qudrat Ke Kaarkhane Mein
Sabat Aik Taghiyur Ko Hai Zamane Mein

Normalcy is impossible in the workshop of nature //
Only change is permanent in the universe