What Actually Wins...the Leadership Or The Ideology

The Unfettered Leadership? 

The concept of leadership within an organisation is not unfettered with limitless possibilities. It is constrained & disciplined by the vision, mission & the ideology of the organisation. 

The leadership cannot independently create its own vision ecosystem. Even if some innovators attempt at it this generally remains within the broader framework of the organizational core tolerance limits. 

Let us take the example of commercial entities. Can the leadership go beyond the stated & endorsed boundaries of profit making? 

It is far fetched option 

It is far-fetched to even think that someone will transform commercial bodies into a non-profit humanitarian organisation & still get away with the successful leadership tag.

For that matter it is also not possible for a non-profit entity to start making huge profits through individual driven efforts & still claim the leadership tag for that leader. 

Both the scenarios would be considered milestones of failures in leadership. 

Can they change directions on their own ? 

In both the cases the leadership cannot change directions except with the approval of the organisations. So how can we say that there are limitless possibilities to leadership in organisation. 

Even entrepreneurs who own the business cannot change course without changing the ideology, mission & vision of the entity.

It is the Ideology 

Our leadership is not independent on our free will but mostly mortgaged to the ideologies. 

What ideology one follows decides its leadership in that particular domain. The leadership would be judged on the extent of fulfillment of that ideology. 

A corporate leadership would be judged on its profit making abilities & a humanitarian organisation on its service abilities. 

The dilemma 

Then how are the leadership going to be bold, imaginative & genius if the boundaries are already set up?

Or maybe what they do spectacular within those boundaries are what we assume to be the established version of leadership concept. 

This makes it simple that ideology creates leadership not otherwise though some rare occurrences may be there. Those rare are the charismatic leadership. 

How to create great leadership 

It is also of significance to know that to create great leadership we must create great ideologies for the organizations. The individual genius leadership within that impressive ideology can take it much higher than the anticipated bar. 

The focus should be more on creating great visions & not exceptional individuals. Leadership will definitely evolve & emerge within that extraordinary vision.