What Did The First Author In The World Say On Leadership

What the First Author says 

“If thou be a leader, as one directing the conduct of the multitude, endeavour always to be gracious, that thine own conduct be without defect”.

This is what the first authors of the world Ptah- Hotep & Ke’gemni said in their first book of the world “The Instructions”.

The book philosophises about the conduct & character for any leadership & instructs that if you want to guide others, first guide yourself.

The Pearl of Wisdom 

The book offers pearl of wisdom when it declares that there is no leadership without graciousness & humility.

What leaders think & profess comes later, what they imagine & visualize comes even much later.

But their character & conduct comes foremost & before everything else.

This book written possibly around 4000 B.C in Egypt do not talk about Science nor of Mathematics & surely not about the art of business.

It also does not talk about love, poetry & literature.

Leadership is Everything 

But it talks about the art of leadership, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, it's unifying character & the moral wisdoms connected to leadership.

Imagine the importance of leadership that the first book of humanity begins with this subject only.

No other subject matter comes even closer to leadership for herein lies the prosperity or demise of humanity.