What Do You Think Is The Purpose Of Thought Leadership

The Aim 

The aim of concepts are far more wider than what we think of. Somehow the concept of Thought Leadership wrongly became the field of winning & success only. 

But it is way above & beyond this temporary destination. 

Thought Leadership Adds Value

The sole purpose of Thought Leadership is to provide "Value Addition" to the domain. It is a more philosophical framework of understanding.

There are many Thought Leaderships that seemingly failed to become famous.

J. C. Bose work on material radio signal made Marconi famous but is hardly acknowledged.

Ibn al-Haytham, the 10 th century Arab Mathematician no one knows. But his works on optics made Roger Bacon famous centuries later.

Jerome Cardano the unsung Italian genius who invented practically the Quantum Physics & Probality Theory but is hardly credited by any.

Can We Deny....

Can we deny the value additions of such great minds though they are not famous & successful ?

The collectivity of failings in Thought Leadership silently creates successes later on. These are invisible processes which only discerning minds can fathom.

The purpose of water is not only to flow visibly, loudly & pompously outside on the earth surface. But it has to filter inside the earth invisibly & silently replenish it too.

Sure. Is it ?