What Does The Nobel Prize Signify About The Thought Leadership

The Biggest Thought Leadership Honour 

The Nobel Prize (NP) is the biggest recognition of Thought Leadership in that field. 

The NP for Physics 2020 has been awarded to 3 people of whom Roger Penrose is the main recipient. The NP Committee states that Penrose has been awarded for the “discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity”. 

What does it mean?

This statement actually means that “Leadership of Ideas” are like the chains. The longer the chain the wider it has the reach.

It hints at the proposition that “Nothing is Original Per se”. Everything is built one upon the other structures of Ideas.

Penrose discovery affirms Einstein’s Theory of Relativity & links it to many other theories of Astro-Physics.

The Caravan Civilisation

Penrose discovery is not in isolation but in conjugation to already existing Ideas.

Thoughts are built upon connected thoughts. Ideas are conceived upon existing ideas. Discoveries are made upon discovered realities.

Civilizations progress upon existing civilizations & Humanity exists because of this connected links
Make it a caravan. 
The biggest challenge for any Thought Leadership is to continue this infinite journey of Ideas & make it the Caravan of Humanity.

The greatest truth is that anyone can join this caravan of humanity

Are you joining ?