What Has Thinking To Do With Thought Leadership

What you Think is More Important

Everybody thinks. Nobody can survive without thinking. Thinking is central to our existence. But what we think decides our higher purposes in life.

Everybody gets some ideas which they think are unique. How many times we may have hit upon some brilliant ideas but which remained buried in our thoughts for the rest of our lives unimplemented.

But what separates great minds from the rest are the “centrality of the thinking” & “groundings of their ideas” out of the thinking.

The Successful Thinkers

Successful thinkers put their ideas on the ground & believe me most of such ideas are simple in essence.

At the same time some brilliant ideas just remained thoughts because it was never implemented & tried.

Most of the successful startups are basically effective implementation of the simple ideas.

Your thinking can give mental prowess to you but the implementation of those thinking can give solutions to the many.

What is Thought Leadership 

The term “Thought Leadership” is a combination of two critical words.

If you “think” merely, you are fulfilling the role of Thought part only.

But if you implement your thoughts you are fullfilling your leadership part also.

Then it becomes the “Thought Leadership”.

The genius of Thought Leadership lies mostly in the implementation aspect of it.

Is there any other opinion ?