What If I Tell You One Secret To Your Success

You Feel You Are Done & Out 

You can't take one step further. You cannot carry a load one pound more. You are gasping for the breath. You are done, out & gone.

You feel you have reached the limit of your capacity. There is nothing you can do more.

You simply want to quit & go home.

The 40% Rule 

But what if someone tells you that you are only 40 % done of what you can do. The rest 60 % of your capacity, skill, talent etc is still left untouched, unseen & unused. 

I bet you would frown & make your mind unbelieve those uncomforting words. 

This is precisely what I read about the “40 % Rule” for the Navy Seals. 

The job of trainers at the Navy Seals is to get the untapped 60 % out of you. It is already there in you. The trainers just tell you the way to get it out from you.

The Leadership & You 

Literally this is what smart leadership does with you. They guide, motivate & inspire to get the latent 60 % out of you. 

One of the best qualities of any winning leadership is to get the unseen become the seen, the unheard become the heard & the untried become the norm. 

So whenever you feel that you are dusted, finishred & done, You must remember that you are only 40 % done and tell your mind ...

“ Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! “

The game is not over yet. There is still more my friend”

What do you feel ?