What If Technology Is Biased ?

If AI is biased ? 

I remember reading a news item about a beauty contest that was judged by the Artificial Intelligence(AI). The result was that all the winners were from one particular skin & color type.  The AI was biased because the algorithm & data was biased of what constitutes beauty. Whether the data was fed by accident or by design we do not know. But we know its decision were biased. 

The importance of Technology Leadership TL

This brings us to an important aspect of leadership. In the age of AI it is must for technology experts to be well versed in leadership than anybody else. They must have high level of leadership to prevent such biases from occurring. 

Imagine such algorithmic bias in our justice, education, welfare system etc . The society will suffer beyond imaginations specially the poor, marginalized & the disadvantaged.

That is why PHL is so important

That is why the teachings of Philosophy, History & Literature (PHL) is necessary for Technical Leadership (TL). The TL mindset should be liberal, free & logical so that they create a similar AI world. 

TL cannot create compassionate, unbiased & humane AI without having the concepts of PHL. In fact PHL is more important for Thought Leaders than Tech knowledge at certain point of time. 

There is a great merit & demerit that AI will learn the same leadership as its TL creators. 

Time to train TL in PHL. 

What are your views?