What The Earliest Book On Leadership Has To Say

The First Book on Leadership 

The earliest known author is Ptah-Hotep from Egyptian Civilization(4000-3000 B.C).He wrote the first book in human history called “The Precepts of Ptah-Hotep. This  book was written on leadership matters & was meant to train & coach the royals in the art of leadership. 

Some of the leadership lessons from the book is timeless. It shows that the basic principles of leadership have been universal from time immemorial. Sample few of the interesting advises on leadership. 

Leadership Lessons 

1. If thou hast, as leader, to decide on the conduct of a great number of men, seek the most perfect manner of doing so that thy own conduct may be without reproach

Lesson: A leader must be impartial & bias free. He must conduct his leadership in such methodological way that his own conduct is beyond criticism. That's professionalism in leadership

2. Be not arrogant because of that which thou knowest; deal with the ignorant as with the learned

The Final Lesson

A leader must be humble, accessible & open minded. A leader must not differentiate among people in matters of knowledge.

Ptah Hotep was the first Professor of Management & Leadership.

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