Why Google Needs To Think Beyond The Obvious

The New Google Certificate Courses 

Google announced recently that they would be offering 100,000 scholarships in three certificate courses. The certificate courses would be in the field of Data Analytics, Project Management & User Experience Design (UX). The courses would be taught through the online platform coursera. 

Google has done this to create jobs for the coming generations. It is also said that google would treat this 3-6 month certificate courses on par with the 4- year-degree courses.  

Google Certificate Courses
A much broader perspective is required 
All fine with this idea except that google should have thought much broader beyond this limited concept. What they are creating is domain experts who would be technicians & masters of their technical domain. They would create & in turn run future technologies. 

But what about the aspect of human interactions with these future technologies in social, cultural, economic, political etc domains ? 

The future technologies will have more interactions, influence and power over humans. The incoming world of sensors & IOTs are just an example of the massive incoming world of human-tech interactions 

The Human-Tech Leadership (HTL) Courses. 
There is a need to create open, massive and mass based courses in “Human-Tech Leadership (HTL)”. Such Leadership courses would be our gateway to having a balanced, unbiased & diversity filled Human-Tech interactions. These HTL courses can be graded based on their level of intensity and duration. HTL courses would provide trained, updated & essential leadership to the field of human-tech interface. Such leadership would have the broad capability, vision & foresight to think beyond the confines of tech domain only.  

Humanities for the Humans 

We need people from the social sciences, Humanities, Languages etc to understand the enormous fallout of “Human-Tech“ interactions. We need them to understand the new leadership paradigm that has to be created to deal with these massive incoming “ human-tech “ interactions. It seems we are obsessed with producing only tech domain experts. This strategy is like producing & rearing sheep without producing & training the shepherds. There is no price in guessing that the sheep would be lost without the shepherds. 

The global giant like Google must not view technology only from the myopic vision of mere Bits & Bytes. It must realise that most of the incoming technology will be mass influencers. In future there will be more human-tech interactions than human-human interactions. That's where the problem & solution lies. That's where the concept of "Human-Tech Leadership (HTL)" comes. 

Lets Create The Balanced, Unbiased Future 
Google and other global giants must create and offer Human-Tech Leadership (HTL) courses at the highest level. It must give the same value it attaches to its domain related tech courses. They must provide the employability ecosystem to HTL experts like any domain experts. If these aspects happen we can take a big leap towards the incoming revolution of human-tech interactions. 

We would be serving humanity and providing leadership to the future world. 

Are the global tech giants listening ?